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Hawaiian Ceremonies Baptism
Done by Rev. Alalani Hill or a Local Minister

Baptism CeremonyBaptism Ceremony
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The purpose of the Baptism ritual is for purification. Symbolized through cleansing and the (remission) of sins from above by the Holy Spirit. To be saved and delivered forming a connection with Christ forever in his death, burial and resurrection. We do this in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. For those that request it. In the name of the Father/Mother of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Hawaiian Aspersion - Is sprinkling water over the head. We do this with Ti leaf and Holy water in a Koa wood bowl. Also referred to as Pi Kai. Consecration and anointing by the Holy Spirit with Hawaiian holy oil inside of Maui cotton in Opihi shell. This particular shell symbolized to hold steadfast to God. A child may also be given a Kukui on a blessed cordage or a baby Kukui lei (lei of light) to protect them in life. Or for older children.

Hawaiian Affusion - is pouring the Holy water over the head from a Hawaiian gourd or coconut half over a Koa wood bowl. Consecration with Holy oil may also be used. Sealed with it you may share in the royal priesthood of Jesus Christ.

Hawaiian Immersion - Is lowering the entire body into the ocean in Maui. We do this mostly for adults and combine the cleansing ceremony. We also do this before weddings to prepare.

Reaffirmation of Baptismal vows.

We also offer Baptism for all ages. As well we baptize couples before or after there wedding or vow renewal day. We also custom design your ceremony with ancient or traditional protocol added upon request.

This is an outward expression of an inward commitment and change. Baptism is done in a commitment to Christ as you become a new creation or re born. (2. Cor. 5:17). Hawaiian Blessings may also be giving during this time.

Renew your commitment with Jesus Christ and reaffirm your Baptismal vows. Commit yourself to Christ and renew your Baptismal covenant from when you where a baby. Or affirm your commitment now.

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