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Thank you so much for such a wonderful ceremony. It was a day that we will never forget and you helped to make it so special. The ceremony, photos and video were everything we could have asked for

Thank you Again,
Louis and Amy Francisco

For the great ceremonies and blessings, it's been fun and meaningful for everyone. And thanks for those great pictures!


Mahalo Nui Loa,
I'm Blessed with friends like you... You'll be in my thoughts... See you when I get back!!!

Frank and Ann

Reverend Alalani Hill,
Thank you for your wonderful, kind words on our special day in Maui. We greatly appreciate your beautiful ceremony and will never forget our awesome stay in Maui.

God bless and Take Care,
Fab and Carie

We appreciated all of your help in making our day memorable. It was perfect. You will always be part of our memory of that special day.

See you in 5 Years.
Mary and Bruce

Aloha Alalani!
Thank you so much for being part of our wedding celebration. You are a great person and we loved every single word you said on our wedding. You made the day so special.

Thank you again - Mahalo!
Ela and Aiham

Reverend Alalani,
I wanted to thank you again for a most beautiful and memorable ceremony - it was just so special and perfect!! Your words and blessings have really guided us and helped us to focus on the love between us and on family. Maui will always be a special place for us! We wish you the best!

Lisa and family

Mahalo for making my day so special

Love you,

For who you are and all you do - Mahalo Ke Akua!

Much Love and best wishes for a blessing filled life,
Dolores and Barry

Thank you,
very much for your wonderful blessing!!!

Ryoeneo, Noriko and Gary

Rev Alalani,
Thank you so much for the wonderful blessing. The light from your spirit brightens the whole planet.

Much Aloha,

Kahu Alalani,
You made our wedding ceremony so special your aura alone gave off such a wonderful serene feel. Thank you for your words of wisdom and blessing - I can think of no better way to begin a life union. Beautiful symbolism, ideas and items that will help Mike and I navigate the river of life ahead.

Thank you, may happiness be a constant companion,
Mike and Molly

Dearest Alalani
God bless you in all your efforts in our own Hawaii Nei. Thank you so much for your humane-ness, your authenticity, your soul, your deep capacity of Aloha, your genuine-ness of compassion, and your baren-ness of ego.

All my love

Aloha Reverend Alalani
Thank you very much for your blessings.

Cilla and Larry, Summer and Alex, Keenan

Thank you for performing our ceremony on our special day!

Elizabeth and Debbie

Rev. Alalani Hill
Thank you so much for blessing our newest building at Kalama Village. God has truly blessed you with the gift of sharing a teaching, healing, caring and loving spirit that will now be upon our building and all who enter it and conduct business within.

May he continue to pour his blessings on you and your ministry,

Thank you so much for working with us to make our anniversary a memorable occasion.


Dear Alalani,
Your blessing to our home, our friends, our marriage, mean so very much to us

Our Love,

Rev. Alalani Hill
Mahalo for taking the time to come and bless our imaging department. With your help and guidance, we hope that any lost spirits will find their way to peace.

Mahalo Nuli Loa,
Maui Memorial Hospitial Imaging Dept. Staff

Dear Reverend Alalani
Thank you so much - Many Blessings to you and yours as you continue onward and upward.

Kate and Bruce

Dear Alalani
We wanted to be sure to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you gave at our wedding. We have also been told by our guests that your 'Spirit' added a lot.

Carrie and Colin

Dear Kuhina
Thank you so much on our wedding ceremony. I send you pictures in Maui and in Japan. I miss Maui.

Warmest wishes,

Dear Reverend Hill
Thank you very much for blessing the fire station.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year
Eric (KFC Engineer)

Dear Rev. Alalani Hill
I just had to drop a note to you and thank you for the most beautiful wedding a mother could have for her daughter. The day was so very special. I think it was because of you!

Thank you again, Love,

Dearest Rev. Hill
It is hard to believe it is over two months nowfrom Aug. 2nd that you married Kerry and Nate at Makena Cove. Kerry's brother said the wedding was 'Story Book'... and it truly was. It was indescribable. I am so glad you suggested Makena Cove. Impressive as it was I was most impressed with the very sacred wedding ceremony you performed. You made it very personable, meaningful and spiritual. My deepest appreciation for that. It truly was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever been to.

I am forever grateful to you,
Karen C. S.

Dear Alalani
Tomorrow will be one year since Dori and I stood on that beautiful beach on Maui with you. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your warmth and comfort during our ceremony. We think of you often and watch our DVD of that event, especially to hear your words of encouragement... We would love to meet with you again. You have really touched our hearts.


Rev. Alalani Hill
Thank you so much for all your help with everything. Thanks for making everything so memorable for not only David and I but for helping us get our families involved. The spirit of this day wii forever stay with us.

Sheryl and David

Dear Reverend Alalani,
Thank you so much for the outstanding and heartfelt contribution you added to the happiest day of my life. We are so thankful for all that you did to make this day a wonderful and exciting adventure to start off our new life together. We are so enthralled by not only your presence but by what you offered to this occasion. The exchanging of our vows while you had our hands draped with your lei as well as you reminding us to pay special awareness to all that surrounded us during the ceremony. The sounds of our environment as well as the beating of our hearts was hard to miss. We will look forward to returning to the islands with this memory always a constant reminder of our dedication to our marriage and to one another. With your kind consideration and thoughtfulness we are so thankful.

Mahalo and aloha, we look forward to our next meeting in five years.
Sandi and Danny

Dear Kahu Alalani,
On behalf of the entire staff ~ we thank you very much for blessing our office

Aloha ~
Koleka, Cilla, Brendan,Camila

Rev, Alalani
Our wedding is such an important ime in our lives as our married life begins and you have made us feel very special and comforted to know that we can look forward to this time with no worries.

Thanks so much for helping us and we'll always remember you!!
Mr. and Mrs. R. Tally

Dear Alalani
Thank you so much for coming to Seattle and celebrating our wedding and our lives with us. You are very special to us and we are so excited you are here.

Much Love and Many Thanks,
Andrea and Rick

Dear Reverend Alalani
Your ceremony touched us deeply. We feel blessed to have had you to combine our love.

All our love,
Dwayne and Krissy

Dear Alalani
We want to give you our BIGGEST THANKS for helping to make our June 13th vow renewal and baptisms so very special. By the time Stephen arrived we felt we had known you for years!

God Bless You!
Kit and Judy

Dear Alalani
I wanted to write and tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make my dream come true. When our minister canceled I felt like everything was going to fall apart - and you swooped in and saved the day. I do believe it was a blessing in disguise and I am so thankful for that. You gave us such a beautiful ceremony and memory to last forever. Everybody was so impressed and said it was the best wedding they'd ever seen. My mom's best briend was there and said some of the things you said at her daughters wedding this summer. I had been dreaming of a beach wedding for so long and I wouldn't have changed a thing! I love watching our video and looking at our pics! Thank you so much for being able to come on such short notice and giving us the happiest and most beautiful day! We are doing great and are so happy!

We can't wait to come back to Maui. Love,
Brian and Katy

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